NGO Global Pay – Launch!

Registration is open!  Following feedback from NGO Global Pay 2013 the survey is launching a month earlier and the job list is expanded to include more regional jobs for 2014.  The full list of jobs included in the survey can be found here.

Please register your interest via this link, available now until 30 April 2014.


New for 2014 – Access to an evergreen database on expatriate policies accessible all year.  This new format, an evergreen database, means at any point in the year you can update your policy information in the survey and access an online result of comparable data as it stands at that point in time.  No limits apply to updating your submission and viewing the database results.  If desired, an organisation can participate in the policies and practices survey without providing pay data.  At the point of survey publication in October, you will receive the pdf report outlining the trends in policies and practices, as per previous years. 


If you have questions about NGO Global Pay, please contact Curtis Grund at Birches Group, Catherine McMenamin in association with Birches Group or Nina Albuquerque at People In Aid.





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About the Partners

The collaboration between the two partners began in 2008. We are committed to delivering the most complete and easy to use survey, tailored to meet the unique needs of the international NGO community.

Read more about each partner at their respective websites, listed below.

NGO Local Pay

Interested in data for local staff? Check our the NGO Local Pay survey, which is available in over 85 countries!
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