NGO Global Pay 2018

The survey is unique to the INGO sector, offering participants market data from across INGOs, small to very large.

Survey participants receive the following package:

  1. Base salary benchmarking for over 110 Global, Regional and Country positions – presented in an Interactive Excel Spreadsheet of All Participant report and EMEA or Americas or UK regional report cut
  2. Expatriate Policies and Practices Survey – comprehensive overview of additional allowances and benefits typically provided to international staff
  3. Evaluation of your jobs to the Birches Group levels
  4. Invitation to NGO Global Pay results meeting

We welcome participation from organisations who have participated in the past and newcomers to the survey, the greater repeat participation from previous organisations the greater value to have year on year comparisons.  If you are considering participating and would like to know more about what is involved please contact info@ngoglobalpay.net or europe@birchesgroup.com.



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