2019 Expatriates Practices Survey

The 2019 Expatriates Practices Survey has now been completed and provides the compiled results of 54 participating organisations. Participants of the survey this year are headquartered in both North America and Europe.

From these 54 organisations, the total number of expatriates represented is approximately 5500.

A variety of topics were surveyed including: General Policy, Pay and Exchange Rate Management, Tax and Social Security, Cost of Living, Hardship or Danger Pay, Housing, Relocation, Rest and Recreation, Family Allowance, Home Leave, Medical Benefits, Retirement and End of Service Benefits, Other Insurances, Leave, Time Off in Lieu, Maternity / Adoption / Paternity, Performance Pay and Transportation.

To give a flavour of the trends that came out of the survey, a couple of brief highlights are below:-

  • 81% of the survey participants reported that they have a different set of policies for their international/expatriate staff to their national staff.
  • Participants were asked which, if any, international staff/expatriate practices were being considered for change. From those that responded to this question, the top 2 responses were:-

1. Tax Management (43%) followed by

2. Cost of Living Allowance (33%)

  • The survey this year included a new section on Maternity, Adoption and Paternity. In terms of how Maternity, Adoption and Paternity provisions are approached for expatriate staff, the highest number of responses, 38%, reported that a separate policy applied to expatriate staff.
  • 83% of respondents confirmed that they made a provision towards assisting in the costs of education for children

Should you be interested in participating in the survey or obtaining the results we would welcome you to get in touch with us and we can provide further details and information.



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