About the Survey

Salary Information for Key Headquarter & International (Expatriate) Positions

The NGO Global Pay survey captures market data for internationally-recruited staff located at headquarters and on international assignment in field locations.  The survey includes market data on total fixed cash (base salary and fixed allowances, excluding the value of any expatriate-related assignment allowances).

The salary data report is provided as an interactive excel output where participants can select the size of organisations they wish to compare against, to include or exclude their own organisational data from the market, and between output in 4 major currencies. Click here for an example.

Beginning in 2019, we are pleased to announce we will be partnering with Humentum and merging their Expat/TCN survey with the NGO Global Pay survey going forward.

Polices and Practices Information for International Staff Management

In addition, the survey includes practices information covering the full range of expatriate benefits and provisions, such as cost-of-living allowances, housing benefits, transport, home leave, schooling, management of regional moves etc.

The policies and practices information is provided both in an online survey output with graphs and in a pdf report which provides an overview of trends and key information.  An example of some of the topical areas includes:

Cost of Living Management

Support for Education of Dependents

Rest & Recreation – countries where it is typically provided to international staff

Retirement & Longterm Savings Schemes for internationally mobile staff


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