Jobs Included in the Survey

The NGO Global Pay Survey is comprehensive in scope, and captures the jobs you need, both at headquarters and international staff in the field.  Below is a listing of the benchmark jobs included in the survey.

Click on a category to see the list of jobs for that category, or just scroll down to see the entire list:

Headquarters Management
Top Executive
Deputy Executive
Executive Vice President/Director- Top Multi-Functional Role
Top Internal Audit
Head of Programme Effectiveness / Learning
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Regional Management
Regional Office Head (Regional Director) – Large Region
Regional Office Head (Regional Director) – Medium Region
Deputy Regional Office Head
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Country Management
Country Office Head (Country Director) – Large Programme
Country Office Head (Country Director) – Medium Programme
Deputy Country Office Head / Deputy Country Director
Country Office Head (Country Director) – Small Programme
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Top Finance Position
Manager, Finance
Senior Financial Analyst/Accountant
Regional Finance Manager
Financial Analyst
Entry Financial Analyst
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Information Technology
Top IT Position
Manager, IT
Senior Systems Analyst/Computer Specialist
Regional IT Manager
Systems Analyst/Computer Specialist
Sr In-country IT
Entry-Level Systems Analyst
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Human Resources
Top HR
Manager, HR
Senior HR Specialist
Regional HR Manager
HR Specialist
Sr In-country HR
Entry Level HR Specialist
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External Relations
Top Communications/Marketing/Public Relations
External Relations and Advocacy Director
Top Fundraising Communications Officer
Senior Fundraising
Regional Advocacy Officer
Fundraising Post
Regional Communications Officer
In-country Grants Officer
Grant Position
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Top Legal Position
General Counsel
Staff Attorney
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Monitoring and Evaluation
Quality Assurance Manager/Director
Regional Quality Assurance Position
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Global Security Director
In-Country Security Role
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Policy/Programme – Development
Top Public/Political / Social Policy Position
Top International Programme Position
Policy Research Director / Discipline Leader
Top Headquarter Domestic Programmes Position
Deputy International Programmes Position
International Programme / Section Manager Position
Country Programme Head (Programme Director)
Regional Programme Manager
Regional Programme Officer
Sr. Programme Officer
International Programme Officer
Programme Officer
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Policy/Programme – Emergency
Top Emergency / Humanitarian Response
HSP / Emergency Response Roving Role
Regional Emergency Humanitarian Response Coordinator
In-Country Emergency Humanitarian Response Coordinator
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Policy/Programme – Technical Assistance
Top Technical Advisor
Senior HQ Technical Advisor
Regional Technical Advisor
Chief of Party
Technical Advisor
Sectoral Programme Manager
Technical Specialist
In-country Technical Specialist
Deputy Chief of Party
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Country Logistician
Senior In-country Administration
Operations Role
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